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Do you have a team that you would like to develop further and to eventually place it on the market with its own products? We would love to help you get there!

At STARTUP ZONE, we have many programmes that are team-oriented and can help teams to get better visibility and new opportunities, according to their stage of development.

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Our Programmes for Teams

We are constantly working on creating ans curating meaningful programmes and content, aiming to suit the needs of the people we work with.

Codefest Marathon is a 32-hour long competition for building quick MVP prototypes from scratch.

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Codefest Marathon

StartQube is a week-long programme for startups and entrepreneurs, covering the A-Z from idea to business.

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StartQube Programme

The CodeQubate.ME programme is intended for all young startup teams that need help with their product and business development.

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CodeQubate.ME Programme